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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

You Think America's in Bad Shape ... You Should See California!

American Liberalism's Achilles Heel

American Liberalism's Achilles Heel

Okay, so while my Feeder is putting in 30 million hour shifts at the so-called "office" (read: Abu Times Square), I'm just going to go ahead and log on here from the window sill and break a few things down (with all due thanks and pointy-eared head nods to her (p.s. where's my Friskies?!).

So, she had a lovely weekend (so I observed from afar) hanging w/ the various and sundry lovely doyennes of Aztlan.

First: The North.

A&C came through for a little vacationary trip. She got to hang w/ A & C & L a few times having a lovely dinner, checking out this fantasmagoric Philipino joint in SoHo (go figure). It's right next to the new Toys in Babeland, so if the food don't getcha, the "pinwheel" (figure it out and get one) will. She sometimes neglects to tell me the names of things in her sleep (that's where the best chisme comes from) so you know ... check back.

Hung out in the park on Saturday -- gorgeous -- walked a million blocks through the park, from west side to east side (hail to the Met!) and back. Tried to buy a bike. Failed. Giving big-ups to the neighborhood willie who just may come through with a hookup.

Next: The South.

Sunday, had another hang out in the park day. Full of lovely ladies (Viva la freakin' Raza homes!) and sunshine sunshine. A (a new A), J's friend from L.A. (J has all the best LA friends, in case you were wondering) and she's (a) FINE, (b) sweet as hell, (c) cool and dope and interesting. So they did the whole hang out in the sun thing, then split out to the BK for a fiesta they were too tired & lame to enjoy for long.

Finally, Headed Back Up North like Jim Crow:

Monday, once she realized she'd completely forgotten most of her Spanglish (KWKW-La Mexicana ... donde estan?) she went back to work. Been there ever since.

Actually bucked out for a few ours w/ the Northern Cali ladies ... hung out w/ various & sundry literary folk and had various and sundry literary conversations. However, was a bit ill and couldn't enjoy as much as she wanted. Came home all cranky and pissed at about 3am (after going back to the office like a f'in drone).

For those who haven't heard the ridiculous dramas of the Barbara Boxer / Dianne Feinstein ritual backstabbing of the California electorate ... do a bit of research. Anecdotal evidence makes me cry for my home-cats.

SPECIAL NOTE TO BACK-SLIDING, PSEUDO-LIBERALS: If you're a self-proclaimed, leftist, democrat, black/women/gay-vote-bating, woman running for office in an imaginarily democratic state (medical marijuana meets arnold schwartzenegger, nee reagan ... all in one spot? nuffsaid) ... COME CORRECT! This is the shit that had me clutching at the bars of my pound/prison/guantanemo-mesh walls screeching to aunti-mina: GET ME OUTTA THIS PLACE! (I had yet to me Old Man Winter. harumph.)

So, today. I got to watch the thuderstorms. That actually kinda rocked. They were banging up the sky like my Detroit Home Slices the White Stripes! Like a Seven Nation Army (everyone on the damn UN team except for the U.S. of course -- cuz they like to go it alone) to hold back the rain! Rain on storm clouds!

SPECIAL NOTE TO THE RESIDENTS OF THE JAZZ ON THE PARK HOSTEL: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! AT 3 IN THE MORNING, EVEN *I*, laissez faire tabby extraordinaire am ready for some f'in sleep!

Now, today, despite the construction on Janet's new spot across the way, I enjoyed thunderstorm watching, Ellen re-run viewing, 360 (hey AC/JR/kathleen & tommy!) viewing -- do vote on their polls, I watch. I want you all to agree w/ me --

Now ... The Feeder left me this morning w/ her standard so-long "Goodbye Sheeba! Have a great day! I'll be home this evening!" She says this every day upon leaving the house ... like some sort of Bahston Red Sox twitcher. Like if she didn't say it she wouldn't come back. I ain't complainin' though. Once she's gone I fire up the Powerbook and get my fill of the news of the day.


Some woman (DC ... tsk tsk tsk. The Feeder, while having no love for the District, attempts a fair amount of compassion for those who (For some reason) choose to live there. I have no such loyalties. All those bitches can kiss my furry striped ass. I hate that "town" and all it represents. I hated every minute I lived there. Just thinking about it makes me wanna go piss on her chair or something. So ... Some woman had the nerve to sound surprised at my "acerbic wit" ... like, cat's can't be witty. AND THIS WOMAN'S MET ME! Trippin. I piss on you and your limited understanding of the true gravitas of the feline class. I bite your ankle. I leave you to your lame non-ascerbic cats. This is exactly why civil rights have yet to arrive ... let women be women, let blacks be people, let dykes get a fuckin sex scene ... let cat's be their witty ascerbic selves ... (this blog has been temporarily interrupted for the following public service announcement: the views in this blog are solely Sheeba's and do not represent the feeder.) <-- SHE MADE ME INSERT THAT!

Now, where was I?

Ah, yes. The news of the day.

Didja hear that KERRY is pulling "let america be america again" as a possible new campaign slogan? Check out my fave old gray broad's side on it:

I say yes ... let the bitches revel in poetry again! Langston rules, and poetry keeps me in Fancy Feast and scented litter ... so I ain't hatin.

I actually spent a week-day w/ no Air America. I'm feeling MUSICOLOGY. Prince rocks. Don't let the haters hype you away from the truth.

Of course, I like Guns-n-Roses. So go figure. I'm a f'in bloggin, cursin, spitting out the window screen tabby cat. I can be eccentric.

I also liked the piece about Grey's plays. (look it up you lazy fucks)

Now ... I'm out for now. Maybe I'll share some words of not-so-wisdom later.

Right now, I see a piece of very important paper I have yet to chew up. I'm off the sill.


(CHECK BACK SOON! and if you punks don't comment soon ... i tell ya what ...)


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