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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough!

Da Mizzap

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

The breakdown ... red & blue ...

Hm. Now, as a Tabby, the current species-based segregation barred me from the US public school system. Still, I've read plenty of civics & U.S./European history books. It seems this red vs. blue thing has been going on far too long.

Let's shift this a bit. Perhaps ... orange vs. purple? Green vs. Gold? Foot vs. Ass? (oh yeah. we've already got that one)

I'm Sheeba Baby, and I will be a commander in fur who will NEVER mislead us into war!

Flipping the Script (part deux)

Yes ... we've already flipped 5 out of 8 states from red to blue.

Let's keep 'em comin!

Bring on Arkansas, Nevada & Ohio!
Join your brethren/sistren in Florida, Missouri, New Hampshire (by 8.9pts!), Tennessee & West Virginia & let's kick some elephant ass!

Eh, hem.

My name is Sheeba and I approved this message while choking down a particularly fuzzy hairball.

... but is Kerry the answer?

This is another interesting Brit perspective ...

... but is Kerry the answer? - [Sunday Herald]:

"Al-Qaeda sees Bush as its best bet for a continuing jihad and would only launch another terrorist atrocity in the US this year if the president looked like losing the election. By rallying Americans around the flag, George W Bush might be bombed back into office, but that is not an outcome for which anyone in 10 Downing Street will be praying. "

MY QUESTION: If we blitz Bush, will they blitz Blair? (Sheeeit, at this point, I'd even trade.)

America -- The Child Abuse Capital of the World

Yes. Let's keep on exporting our idea of freedom & democracy -- our coveted way of life!

Iraq's Child Prisoners - [Sunday Herald]

(hope is on the way?)

What's this guy's IQ?

I'm a cat. My IQ is 135. I'm bored with stupidity passed off as superiority.

Bush ... are you listening?

James Hart for Congress Committee - Preserving Intellectual Capacity

(I swipe my claws at you)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell ...

and for God's Sake Don't Get Knocked Up!!!
(how can we fry you little lady?)

The New York Times > National > U.S. Military Holds Hearing on Guard in Prison Abuse Photos

Everybody Sing!

Whaaaat's Race got to do ... got to do with it?!
What's race ... but a backhanded reason to discriminaaaaaate ..

(hope is on the way?)