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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Can You Believe These Guys?! / News / Nation / Washington / Bush backs Cheney on assertion linking Hussein, Al Qaeda

Feeder here.

Listen, I match this ridiculousness with the following story:

This afternoon, in NYC, at the corner of 42nd Street & 6th Ave (outside of Bryant Park, ahead of the Starbucks / Ben & Jerry's rotunda--never thought you'd hear that phrase? wake up babes.):

Old man, white guy, grey haired, skinny, wearing a sandwich board which says: FUCK BUSH, NOT MORE HELPLESS PRISONERS!

He's screaming his catchphrase (Fuck Bush! Fuck Bush!) and passing out leaflets with the above statement emblazoned on the front, and tons of info on the back.

Now this would ordinarily be enough to brighten my day. But it gets better.

It's mid-day on a Wednseday. Everyone is running around from lunch or to meetings, appointments etc. The street is filled with conservative, mid-town suits. I'm walking up to him, standing by him, and walking past him for all of about 5 minutes and everyone I see (EVERYONE I SEE) is smiling, laughing, happy to see him. Walking up to him and taking his leaflets and *thanking him* for them.

This is New York people. Folks don't (a) take leaflets, /OR/ (b) thank people for them.

The response was outstanding. Unbelievable. Exciting. Hope-inspiring.

Now ... take that Bush / Cheney!




We've known for some time that Hip Hop reaches across barriers and communities.

Check out this week's National Hip Hop Political Convention ... let's use every opportunity to get *everyone* involved in this process.

(It's life or death and I love my life baby!)



We've known for some time that Hip Hop reaches across barriers and communities.

Check out this week's National Hip Hop Political Convention ... let's use every opportunity to get *everyone* involved in this process.

(It's life or death and I love my life baby!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Fear of a Black Student Body

Since all my beloved freaks at the MP are going to sleep (sleep? sleep! that's what I do all day!) I'm makin' like a Republican and playing to my core constituency:

So ... more ridiculous news of the day dude:

Speaking of "dude" ... so you hear they're down to admitting like 1/2 of a black person into the freshman class of my Feeder's alma mater UC Berkeley?!

When she graduated it seemed she was probably the 5th last black person to do so there. However ... the poor bi-racial dude they let in for fall who is being forced to rep for the en-tire race sho'nuf has some hard times a'comin.

He's never gonna get a quorum at the black student union events. he's gonna have to rap for street cred like, all day dude, and serve on every damned diversity committee on campus! How he'll get any studying done is anyone's guess. Then, of course, his abyssimal grades will be the perfect excuse to go searching for the anachronistic "octaroon" to admit for 2005.


Pissing on her worthless degree now ...


From the "Ay, Chingada!" Files

NYTimes: Somali Is Accused of Planning a Terror Attack at a Shopping Center in Ohio

Makes me wanna choke "bbbbbullshit!

Now, I know Somalis (The Feeder is a half-breed like Cher), and like anyone on the planet they're capable of some nonsense. But the kid's brother (in very American Somali fashion) swears he hates Terrorism more than the Dubya (easy to do it seems, he's cornered the market on it), and really ... I doubt most Somali's running around Columbus (my family included) are interested in much more than cool cars, U.S. dollars, and that freakish idea of the "American Dream".

Now ... back to scrubbing the stains out of my Blue Dress ... (Dubya ... stop spewin!)

Monday, June 14, 2004

Why All My Favorites Are Women, by Sheeba Baby

Okay ... so here's the list of women to listen to:

1. Laura Flanders. Pretty self explanatory. She's dope. She's coast to coast. Daytime on Working Assets Radio with Farai Chideya who would also be on this list but ... it'd be redundant now.

2. Randi Rhodes. Now, the top three here are all Air America, and The Feeder has her own input on why that is. Me? I don't care. Plus, I still can't work the remote control much, so it's what she leaves on for me to listen to all day. I gotta say, Randi is the highlight of my day. NOTE TO RANDI: IF I COULD CALL IN, I WOULD! This no opposable thumb thing sucks some times. But hey, I can lick my own ... (p.s. I'm in New York. I'll be your friend!)

This is from the Feeder: I got hooked on talk radio back in the 80s w/ NPR. I was in bed w/ my last boyfriend, the amazingly well endowed Trini-boy whose parents were *so* glad we were together ("Thank God s/he's dating someone black in this snowy village!") My dear ol' ma wanted to wed me off quick ... how quickly she'd become even more depressed that she'd failed.

Anyway ... A.M. Homes' first book, The Safety of Objects, still among my favorite books of all time, was being promo'd. They had her on giving a reading. I was wedded. I was hooked. I thought ... well, fuck my family. If she can do this, so can I! And here we are.

Unfortunately, NPR sucks Republican/Exxon/Mobile dick now. So,

3. Janeane Garofalo & Sam Seder on The Majority Report.

Submit to my willl. You know you want to listen.


Talk Radio Queen Takes Town w/ New Tome!

You know I love her. If you don't love her too yet, then you're trippin. Get off your ass and get down with the Get Down.

Laura Flanders has a new book out! (again?! yes. again! woo hoo!) The dissin' of Those Pesky Bush Women just don't stop kids. Really, how could it?

She's on point consistently. She's a drop dead cutie. She's smart as a whip (uh, yeah, this isn't in order of importance or anything. Heh.). She's streamable!

Now she's got a new book out. Check it: The W Effect: Bush's War on Women goes from her detailed critique of the women of Bushdom to the deliterious effect The Bushies policies have on them (Sorry Twins!) and everyone else.

You know the saying ... if women are fucked, the world is fucked. Or something like that. Get with the get down folks. The time is now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So I'm feeling a little miffed by the seeming Tony-award-esque apathy (go Phylicia! go Audra! Go Other black girl! go Puppets!) of "those meddling kids" (a/k/a american youth) toward our political system today.

Of course, I could substitute just about anything into that sentence in place of "political system". Now, I'm only 10 years old (This November-ish), and I'm not even human, but dammit I'd vote if I could! Now perhaps it's because The Feeder's black and came of age during the whole Jesse Jackson for president, Ferraro for VP age of the icky-dickly 80s (we're not mentioning any names here. It's been done (see last week)), but this whole "If Kerry doesn't pull some saxophone playing Arsenio stunt it's all over for him" cry for style is getting to be a bit much.

Now I don't remember the '92 election, but The Feeder does. She was an idealistic UC Berkeley College student and yeah. She voted for him. She wanted to l-i-v-e. Same deal today kids ... New Bush, New Life-or-Death election. Sigh. My 9 lives are all being threatened here kids ... I'm counting on you to, uh, make it clap.

Now it's time for me to give a shout out to Lizzie ... my fornication-loving, voyeuristic sister in Brooklyn. Yes, it's true. Cats love to watch people get it on. We're spayed for heaven's sake. What else are we gonna do?! Lizzie ... go for yours.