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Samiya Bashir’s books of poetry, Field Theories (Spring 2017), Gospel, andWhere the Apple Falls, and anthologies, including Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social & Political Black Literature & Art, exist. Sometimes she makes poems of dirt. Sometimes zeros and ones. Sometimes variously rendered text. Sometimes light. She lives in Portland, Ore, with a magic cat who shares her obsessions with trees and blackbirds and occasionally crashes her classes and poetry salons at Reed College.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Looking for Me?

Hey all,

I may not have mentioned it, but for irony's sake, I'm at a new address. This blog, Sheeba's View, is now closed. Sheeba passed away in May. We don't talk about it right now.

So ... now Samiya (uh, me) has taken over the blogging and the new blog, ScryptKeeper, can be found at the following address:

I know it's ass-backwards ... blame Blogger. :-)

See ya there!